Woman is not right always!!

It has been a norm to think that woman is always right. When a woman talks bad about a man, it’s a tendency by other men and women to think the woman who has spoken this is by default right. When a woman starts to cause harm to a man, it takes a great effort for a man to prove this. Sometimes the effort is so humongous that man gives up. Time has come for world to start lending ear to a man’s concern when it comes to dealing with a woman and not jump into conclusion & align with the woman who presents her side of fact just because she is a woman. Neutral thinking is something that needs to be adopted & equal opportunity given to man to express his dissent about his concerns when dealing with a woman. This is applicable at both professional front and personal front. The laws that empower woman have tended to shield her from wrong things being done by her, misguided her to wrong paths and have given a not needed boost to ego, selfishness & intolerance. Time to rethink on our judgement & also understand that man is not wrong always and woman is not right always.