Why Moksha is Important?

There is no objective to life. For thousands of years humans have taken birth and gone without adding any value & if there is a value added then what value, for what, for whom? Is there something or it looks more like Nothing? Millions of years ago living beings were created in the form of Amoeba which could alter its shape. It looks like there is no god or super power which has created this earth since there was no objective to create, no solid ground to create one. Earth and the Solar system just got created without any purpose and today too serves no bigger purpose except supporting various forms of life which itself has no purpose. It just got created just like that, no one engineered, no one created with a reason. It just happened and things like living being too just happened. Amoeba transformed into an animal which evolved into humans some 25 lac years ago with three different variants which eventually resulted in the current human variants which evolved since the last 70 thousand years. Again evolution, transformation just happened for no reasons, no objective, no purpose.

Human life or for that matter any life is a misery, full of misery. 80% misery (be it financial, relationship, health) etc.& only 20% joy. Human is born, learns something, does something to earn, weds, kids are born, retires and is gone!. This cycle just continues. But for what purpose human performs all these actions? Nothing !! but all these do lead to miseries, pain. The other name of life is pain. Life is a natural energy that is transformed from one form to another. It is important to take mokhsha to ensure this energy is not transformed to another life but is permanently dozed off by achieving Moksha. No one knows the method for it, some say, one must perform penance, renunciate but there is no proof that your energy will not get transformed to other life. On another thought, does this transformation even happen. What if there is only one life? Again no one knows. It is safe to conclude that humans must strive to research on finding ways to avoid next life so as to not be reborn again which has no significant purpose but comes with a lot of pain !!

Note that everything is temporary. If someone earns adequate money, then what next? How long can be with it? Not long, right. The materialistic world is temporary, once experienced what is next? Nothing. Life, Earth, the Universe, the whole Solar system, the multiple solar systems end up into Nothingness or infinity. Hence find ways to take Moksha to come out of this nothingness and get merged with Nothing to become nothing, to be nowhere, to not exist at all.