What Cricket Needs ?

What Cricket Needs?

1. An animated duck cartoon (known as Daddles) appearing on the screen from the left when a batsman is out for a 0. This was introduced by Australian Channel in 1970s.

2. Small window on top right corner to display running between the wickets. This was a part of broadcasts during 80s & 90s.

3. ICC’s support to Zimbabwe Cricket & introducing them back to Test Cricket. Zimbabwe was a popular minnow team of 90s.

4. Test Cricket limited to ten defined nations (India, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe) only.

5. One Day Cricket International teams to be limited to twelve defined nations (India, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Ireland).

6. T20 International teams to be limited to fourteen defined nations.

7. Reduce the number of non-contextual bilateral series i.e., series involving only One Days & T20s or just One Days (e.g., India’s tour of Zimbabwe for 3 ODIs, why not include Test Series & T20 in this or India’s tour of SL with 3 ODIs and 5 T20Is, there is no Test series played here). In any bilateral series, have all three formats played (e.g., 2 Tests, 3 ODIs, 3 T20Is).

8. Avoid repeated countries in a single year (e.g., England to play in India for 4 Tests in Feb 2021 & then India to play in England for 5 Tests). This takes away the context.

9. Countries must play Tests against all other countries not just limited to few countries (e.g., India plays more Tests with England and Australia, followed by South Africa and New Zealand, but very less with Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh or Zimbabwe).

10. Tri nation, four nation, six nation tournaments must be played & encouraged.

11. Continental tournament like Asia Cup must be promoted & encouraged.

12. New Rules must not be frequently introduced. It leads to fans losing interest in following the game due to the inconvenience of understanding the new rule.

13. Pitches must definitely be neutral favoring both Batsmen and Bowlers.

14. Currently umpires are very strict on Wide and Bouncers. Such rules discourage bowlers.

15. Today Batsmen are smashing bowlers across the park ruthlessly due to batsmen friendly rules and batsmen friendly pitches and batsmen friendly ground size. An imbalance will kill Cricket. Serious discussion is needed to bring neutrality to the play.

16. Pace bowlers must be encouraged & must be brought (Currently there is no Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar, Kapil Dev, Donald, Mc Dermott, Eddo Brandes).

17. Hardly a bowler receives Man of the Match despite great performances these days. Due to commercialization of Cricket, only Batsmen are given Man of the Match & Series award. This is gross and ICC must take this up seriously.

18. Excessive T20 leagues are killing Cricket & reducing interest in International Cricket.

19. IPL must have only one round played.

20. Red Ball White Clothing State/County level Cricket must be encouraged and International Cricketers must play in such tournaments. E.g. Kohli must represent Delhi & play at least few matches in a year for his state.

21. Play Test Cricket in smaller capacity open grounds (e.g. NZ type of grounds or South African grounds), reduce ticket fee & engage crowd with activities, interaction with star cricketers.

22. The gentleness & stardom that 90s cricketers carried which is missing in current bunch of cricketers. The cricketers’ form 90s had passionate fans & followings.

23. Two ICC T20 world cup in subsequent years after ODI World cup, a champions trophy with 8 nations played in non cricketing country like US, Canada to enhance viewership & spread of game. A better Test championship whose final is played after two years of World Cup.


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