Boot Lickers

In continuation to the previous article on “Being ignored in a group/circle/industry”...

Humans have tendencies to form “Groups” be it in office, society, friends etc. and every group sees an emergence of a leader (either naturally or through the designated post). Once this leader emerges, you can easily find few of the foxy folks start to boot lick. Boot Lickers are colloquially known as “Chamchas” in India. These people do more harm than good to those people who stand for their point of views and idealism and counter the leader in the group in case he is failing in his duties. Moment Leader sees a counter argument he starts scheming things against this person & gets his boot lickers build a fort around him. While the leader relishes under the umbrella of these Boot Lickers, the person who starts for his point of view starts to suffer mentally. As mentioned in previous article, these people then tend to get ignored, rejected & mocked at by the group.

So how can these people counter the boot lickers? Should they also compromise and start boot licking or start scheming things behind the leader? Or should they simply quit? Many times people who have straightforward idealism do not get supporters though their views are actually right. The concept of group-ism or favouritism is far dangerous to the mental health of the person who is being targeted. It is much better then to quit such a circle than to cling on it for the sake of it.

You can share your views in the comment section on how to counter the leader & his pack of boot lickers in a group setting if you believe in a point.