How will 2021 be like

Will the 'New Normal' be the Normal in 2021? Are we nervous of this so called 'New Normal' since it has snatched away the very need of humans i.e. Being Social?

According to me, this 'New Normal' is going to be temporary and we will soon see our life getting back to be same as that of Pre-Corona times in the first three months of 2021 but of course with just a bit of more awareness & seriousness on Hygiene front & Economic front along with a steep progress in technological innovations.

From Hygiene front, people would continue washing hands seriously & religiously, the fruits & vegetables will also be washed well while bringing it home however usage of Surface disinfectants may see a dip due to general laziness amongst people thus packaged items will hardly be disinfected. Masks, however will fade off by this year end as people will face inconvenience of suffocation during long usage, restricted oxygen intake & downer due to face value reduction. People will be upfront in calling out to other people who do not follow coughing and sneezing etiquette. Immunity boosters will be the top business in 2021 & you can see specialisations here with roles such as Immunity Booster Coaches. Malls, Offices, Shopping plazas will do temperature recording as is the case today as well before letting you in due to greater degree of awareness of risk of contagiousness. In short, we will see more healthy people around outside while sick will be restricted to homes strictly.

From Economic front, people will go back to Saving rather than Splurging due to fear of economic impact that any future pandemic may bring in. 50% of White collared jobs will be work from home, office sizes will be reduced and people working from home will prefer living in Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities. This will inversely impact Metro city density which will see a reduced crowd in the public transport which even governments would prefer since this would mean de-congestion of metro cities & reduced crowds in public transport which was highly the need long time back. But friends, do not fear, office life at offices will continue to thrive but with just few numbers lesser. So do not worry on that front. Your HR activities, coffee conversations, Tea breaks will be back since these are very much integral to corporate life and cannot be taken away by any means. Not too important Business trips, Business meetings & workshops may turn virtual but again human nature will force them to be physical for the very reason that it gives opportunity to travel, head to new venue & meet people in person & break office life monotony. Blue collared work at factories will continue 100% from site so no change expected there.

Technology will benefit hugely in 2021, with huge opportunities in zero contact based services. Be it robots for serving at hotels, automated floor cleaning systems or gadgets that can prepare food with zero touch by any human will be highly in demand. However banks could see continuation of footfall at their branches because people will still prefer face to face discussion when it comes to any financial product or query. Hotels which do not adopt to contact less system will not survive & several will close down. Pubs, Cafes, Lounges & Discos will be back with gatherings since systems may not be able to stop youngsters from hanging out. Home based services will prosper e.g. People may prefer buying few gym equipment at home instead of heading to gyms or may prefer beauty services at home rather than heading out to spa and saloons. More home based services will emerge. More cashless transactions will happen. Sporting events and Movie theatres may initially see crowd management and more space left between two chairs which eventually will reduce with profits taking more priority than safety as is the case today as well. Grand weddings may be a thing of past though, guest list will continue to see a reduction. Only close relatives & friends will be invited, the food served may be limited & ceremonies will be quick ones.

Many people may try to find meaning of life, the reasoning behind life and death. The lock down has had negative impact on minds with people questioning how safe it is to live & keep trying to escape from several life taking situations. Is it worth it. People will question whether god really exists or things are happening just like that. Psychologist will see more demand. Lock down has also made people realise that materialistic pleasure is just an illusion, life is just an opportunity given to a human to work towards not seeking another life !!

In short, life will be back on track in 2021 but with few alterations. The 'New Normal' is just temporary, we will be back to Old Normal but in a more better managed form. And yes, vaccine will be out leading to a huge worldwide celebration. So gear up for party !!