Take Virtual Tours with Real time Guides

If you think you cannot tour the world, then rethink !! Pandemic has opened new avenues of exploration which is now called Virtual Tours.

Hold on, what is so great about these virtual tours? Here it is, it comes with real time guide so you can now enjoy a tour of a particular place anywhere in the world and interact with the guide and also be guided through the journey.

Tour HQ.com has enabled online experiences which can be purchased for as low as $11 dollars.

So how it works? So you choose a tour e.g. 'San Juan tour', 'Berlin tour', Warsaw, Bogota, Venice etc. on the website.

Pick up convenient data & select the time slot as listed on the page & make the payment.

You are done, a zoom invite is sent to you and on the day & time of the tour, a real time guide awaits.

You get 10 connections on one ticket so invite your friends, relatives & colleagues for the tour and enjoy the journey sitting at the comfort of your home.