Indian IT companies adopt to Digital Technologies

NASSCOM has reported Indian IT company's Revenue from Digital Area has crossed $50 Billion dollars last financial year.

The total revenue generated so far in Digital is $191 Billion.

Indian IT companies started reporting Digital revenues separately since 2012.

In 2012, Digital revenue was 4% of overall revenue, in 2015, it was 11-14%.

Today TCS, Infosys & Wipro have reported 33%, 41% & 42% revenue from the overall revenue is from Digital stream.

Three years back, Analyst were pessimistic about Indian IT companies adopting to Digital changes and predicted downfall. However today, it clearly looks like Indian IT companies have emerged out of slumber and regained their leadership position.

Digital Technologies include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Sensors, Robotics & Low code Softwares.

TCS Chairman during a virtual annual shareholders meeting mentioned that with Covid scenarios many sectors have adopted to digital changes. It has now become a primary channel.

Chinese companies have rapidly embarked on digital transformation to ensure business continuity & availability considering the Covid scenarios.

Digital is Default is the general buzz !!


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