8 Indian Traditions for good health

1. Ear Piercing - Is done at early age since lobe of ear is an important point in the centre helping to maintain female reproductive health & balances menstrual cycle

2. Drinking Water from Copper Utensils - Gives a boost to immune system, improves digestion, decreases wound healing time & strengthens Joints

3. Walking barefoot on grass - Improves sleep, reduces pain, decreases muscle tension & lowers stress levels

4. Wearing Jewellery - Silver jewellery boosts blood circulation which aids in cold and flu prevention & improves wound healing. Gold jewellery regulates body temperature & attracts positive energy

5. Eating with hands - Good bacteria in hands enters tummy & helps fight bad bacteria. Hand forms a connection with food making it tasty

6. Fasting - The karvachauth, mangalvar vrat etc. helps in weight loss, speeds up metabolism, improves brain function & increases longevity

7. Surya Namaskar - The 12 yoga poses helps in weight loss, improves digestion, gets you a glowing skin, improves sleep cycle & brings blood sugar down.

8. Eating with Silver cutlery - Has anti viral and anti bacterial property.