DIY - UK VISA (to visit for ICC World Cup)

Here is the simple procedure & all you wanted to know about applying for UK VISA this Cricket World Cup season.

Step 1:

Fill application form. Visit

Step 2:

Click "Apply Now" button "Apply from outside the UK online

Step 3:

After few questions application will ask you to register your email ID and create a password for your application

Step 4:

Choose "Standard Visitor Visa" which has a validity of 6 months if you are planning to visit UK for World Cup.

Step 5:

Fill application form & submit.

Step 6

You will be directed to payment screen. Pay 8990 VISA fee.

Step 7:

The next screen will request you to download a check list document. Do that.

Step 8:

An email will come to you with a link to VFS global site to book appointment to submit documents & bio-metric data.

Step 9

Go to that link. On the VFS global site page, you will be asked few details like Name, VISA type & VISA centre. Your VISA type will be "VISIT".

Step 10

Choose Mumbai North (for BKC) or Mumbai South (Nariman Point) as per your convenience.

Step 11

In the subsequent pages you will be asked to take any of the user pay services provided by VFS. You can choose World Cup Silver package (costing 3590) or World Cup Platinum package (costing 23114). Through Platinum package you can your VISA in 5 working days. While in the silver package it will take 15 working days to get your VISA. The silver package allows you to just walk in anytime to submit application at VFS centre. Even next day.

Step 12

Do not upload any document as the site often has technical errors. As you have chosen one of the above packages, you can just carry your documents, these will be scanned by the VFS reps at the venue.

Step 13:

Despite choosing Silver package and availing walk in facility, the VFS process will ask you to choose a date and time. Just choose it. You can anyway walk in even on the next day morning. This is another glitch in the VFS web software. Ignore it.

Step 14:

Review & Pay the amount for silver package and submit. An appointment letter will be generated. Keep it with you. You can also re login back again using GWF number and your email id (GWF number available on the 1st page of your VISA application form).

Step 15:

Go next day to BKC Trade centre. Reach by 7:30 AM. At 7:45 AM, walk in people with World Cup Silver package are allowed inside. Go to 1st floor.

Step 16:

There is one common line. Stand there. Get in. In case printout of any document is required, the facility is available once you go inside the centre. Ask for it. For 150 rupees, you can take 5 printouts and use computer system. Printouts beyond 5 pages will cost 10 rupees only. There is also a facility to take any photocopies if required. The cost is just 2 rupees per photocopy.

Step 17:

Following documents must be taken:-

Passport, Degree certificate, Employment appointment letter, latest appraisal & incentive letter. Payslips for last 3 months. IT returns for last 3 years. Bank statement for last 6 months. Aadhar & PAN card original. Photos are not required. Property papers are also not required these days but its better to carry. You may also carry insurance certificates. In case you have booked flight ticket and match tickets, take that. Letter from agency from which you have booked the ticket. They usually provide it for VISA purposes.

Other than the above, carry appointment letter, checklist document. No need to take printout of application form. You need to only show Appointment letter and Checklist document at the entrance.

Step 18:

Once you enter the VFS enter, your documents are verified and arranged at the front desk and token issued.

Step 19

When your number is called, go to that counter, submit your documents. They will ask you to wait for 10 minutes so that they can scan the documents.

Step 20

Will call you after 10 minutes and give you all documents back except for passport.

Step 21:

Passport, Checklist document will be kept in a folder and given to you. Wait for your next call.

Step 22:

Next call will be for bio-metric, go there and provide your fingerprints. They will also take your photo there.

Step 23:

Once done, you can exit. You will get your passport through courier.

Things you can carry - Mobile, Backpack, folder

Things you cannot carry - Pen drive, Power bank, Laptop, Sharp items.

Have a great time in UK and enjoy the World cup and cheer for India.

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