AC Short Circuit - Main reason for fire

Major reason for the cause of fire at homes or commercial complex is due to short circuit in air conditioners.

What is short circuit - When two wires from power source get connected directly or if there is a lack of resistance within the circuit of electrical devices, it leads to extreme heat resulting in explosion & fire.

Air conditioners are prone to short circuits and the resultant fire catches the wooden furniture, coir mattresses or cotton curtains leading to a massive spread at home or commercial centers.

To avoid any incidents, follow the below steps

1. Service the air conditioner regularly (once every 6 months).

2. Replace old air conditioners.

3. Do not overload it, use it judiciously.

4. Keep the internal component free from water.

5. Always have two fire extinguishers at home.

6. Switch off the main power immediately in case you see air conditioner heating up or leaving sparks.

7. Avoid using water to extinguish unless you are sure the main power line is off.

It is also observed that illegal construction is a major cause of worry & risk.

Always ensure the building you live has municipal clearances & no illegal rise of floors.

Do also ensure that the terrace is not covered by a dome or illegal roof unless there is permission from municipal fire department.

Raise your voice to concerned people in case you see illegal things in your apartment.

Replace old wiring at your home with new & advanced ones since old wiring are not equipped to take the current day's loads involving multiple devices such as fridge, smart TVs, laptops, Geezers, Air conditioners etc.

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