Elephanta Caves

Great escape spot from city, yet very close to the city. Very ideal for a one day nice picnic !

About Elephanta cave

Its an island situated close to Mumbai harbor, consisting of temple cave with rock carvings dedicated to Lord Shiva dating back 500 A.D. These caves were found in 18th century by Portuguese & because they found Elephant statues in it, they named it as Elephanta. The main attraction within the cave is the 20 feet high Trimurti sculpture of Lord Shiva representing Shiva by himself & as lord of dance & lord of yoga.

How to reach Elephanta Cave

Ferry services are available to take you from Mumbai to Elephanta Caves. Go towards the backside of Gate Way of India & you will be able to catch it. .

The charges are INR 200 for a return fare. Ferry services are from 9 AM until 12 PM from Gate Way of India while it starts at 12 PM at Elephanta Caves up till 5 PM for returning back.

The one way journey is for 1 hour.

Once you reach there, you can take a toy train (costing INR 10 for return fare). It takes you near the mouth of series of steps that eventually take you to the cave area at top of the hill.

Post getting down the toy train, take 120 steps to reach the entrance of the cave area.

What to look out for

The ferry ride is definitely the best part of this picnic. You can pay 10 extra bucks to sit on the top deck for a breath taking Mumbai harbor view.

During the course of the journey you will be able to enjoy the view of several ships, cruises, oil industry infrastructure etc. & with cool breeze blowing throughout, the ride is the biggest enjoyment of this whole picnic.

The next best thing is the variety of shops that you see till the point entrance towards the caves. These shops sell fantastic items ranging from handicraft, purses, soverigns etc. Another best part which is often enjoyable while travelling out of Mumbai are the cut mangoes with masala, amla with masala & small oranges are available a plenty outside Mumbai.

The other attraction are the naughty monkeys, they will grab any food item you hold, so beware but it will be entertaining to watch them eat.

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