Start tracking your traffic violation fines through app

In a fantastic initiative by Mumbai Traffic department, all traffic violation related fines by a user can be tracked through MUM Traffic App.

However. several violators have been caught unaware & have not received any alert on their mobile phones for violation of rules such as breaking signals, not stopping before zebra crossing etc.

Such violations are caught automatically via camera & fine gets accumulated hence it is always better to keep tracking this app to avoid any surprises later.

Enter vehicle number & last four digits of chassis number (engine number) to log into the app.

Many have come to know about fine accumulation only when they are caught red-handed by traffic cops.

Mobile number registered while buying vehicle enables Mumbai traffic police to tag fines to the violator.

Each & every Mumbaikar needs to adhere to road safety rules without fail & drive in a way that does not cause inconvenience to others.

Stop on red signal.

Stop before Zebra crossing

Slow down & stop before any turns

Stop before crossing a junction without signal

Do not drink & drive at any cost

Follow one way traffic rule

Do not drive on footpaths

Give right of way to pedestrians

Slow down if any pedestrian is crossing the road.

Honk less.

Do not spit on the road.

Maintain speed limits