New to Pune, like travelling ? (Here's your bucket list !!)

The city is a perfect combination of historical and the modern era. It holds the ethnic vibe from the time of Marathas and Peshwas who ruled the city.

For History lover:-

If one is a history lover, this city provides the perfect opportunity. Starting from Shanivarwada, built in 1732, it served as the seat of Peshwas. Even though the fort was destroyed in 1829, it still attracts tourists, especially after it was glorified in the film Bajirao Mastaani.

5 minutes from it is Raja Dinkar Kelkar museum which has a room recreated as Mastaani's taken from the Mastaani Mahal. The museum also has a lot of ancient, interesting stuff and is worth a go.

For Shoppers & evening lovers:-

For the street shopping lovers, Tulsi Baug is at walking distance from there. Not to miss out FC road which is the best street shopping hub in the city.

Close to it is a small but ancient cave temple called the Junglee Maharaj or Pataleshwar Mandir.

Okayama garden is the best way to spend sundowns in the city at. The garden is built in a Japanese style and is pleasing to the soul.

For Trekkers:-

A few hours’ drive out of the city also provides perfect opportunities for trekking, like the very famous Singhgad fort situated 36 kms away from the city, Lohgad Fort adjoined to the Visapur Fort by the hills all situated on top of hills.

The best season to visit these places is monsoon when the surroundings are green and water comes down like a waterfall from the steps of Visapur Fort. A few kilometres away from it are the Karla caves - Buddhist caves built around 2nd-5th century BC.


The city is also a host to various food, music and theatre fests which happen in different areas almost every month. Overall, Pune is a very happening city, with both scenic beauty as well as safety.