Thackeray review - 4 out of 5

Theme - Chronicles the political journey of Balasaheb Thackeray starting from his days as a cartoonist to initiating an organization seeking jobs for local & growing further.

Introduction - Average, could have been more grand. Nawaz as Balasaheb is introduced in Lucknow from where he is taken to court.

Dialogue - Good, all are original dialogues. The court scene between Balasaheb & a lawyer has hilarious dialogues.

Acting - No doubt, great acting, voice modulation by Nawaz bringing alive a great personality.

Climax - Ends up well with Balasaheb addressing a huge crowd in his signature style.

Conclusion - Definite watch. Relive history, enjoy old Mumbai. The movie ends with 'To be continued' so watch out for part 2.