National Museum of Indian Cinema

To be inaugurated on 19th Jan 2019 by PM Narendra Modi.

Location - Gulshan Mahal, off Peddar road.

The museum will take visitors to an absorbing journey of over a century of Indian cinema.

India's 1st movie (silent) by DadaSaheb Phalke - Raja Harishchanda, 1913

India's 1st movie (sound) by Ardeshir Irani - Alam ara, 1931.

See equipment like below -

1. Cameras

2. Recording machines

3. Projectors

4. Posters of old movie

5. Bollywood artifacts

6. Star biographies

7. Scroll of pictures

8. Magic lantern

Gulshan Mahal - 19th century heritage bungalow (Victorian neo-Gothic).

Another section of this museum is at the nearby NMIC building which will have the following:-

1. Interactive displays

2. Mobile exhibitions

3. 3D compatible theatres

4. 7.1 surround sound

Houses a multi purpose hall which can be used for below

1. Movie preview theatre

2. Social functions

3. Conferences

4. Seminars