The Accidental Prime Minister Review - 4.5/5

Theme - Excellent depiction of challenges faced by Manmohan Singh due to his own party. It was all about PM vs Party.

Based on 2014 book by Sanjaya Baru (marvelously played by Akshay Khanna in the movie). Sanjaya was media adviser to PM in the PMO.


Superb, shows actors whose make up made them look like real politicians (e.g. Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal). Movie uses the real names.


Anupam Kher - Well acted but over did with robotic walk.

Suzanne Bernert - Good lookalike of Sonia Gandhi. Nice acting & replicates the voice, accent & tone quite well.


Has several comic moments as well performed by the PM character.

Ahmed Patel is shown as seemingly negative character.


Anyone who enjoys following politics will love this movie.