Zero review - 2/5 stars

Theme - A dwarf (SRK) from Meerut who is fan of a famous actress (Katrina) happens to meet a scientist girl (Anushka) on wheelchair, suffering from cerebral palsy. He falls in love with her but runs away on his wedding day to Mumbai to join a dance competition that gives him chance to meet Katrina.

What happens then is to be watched !!

Intro - Average !! A hilarious dream sequence in which SRK tackles some villains.

Up to 1st half - Very hilarious, must watch for SRK at his best

2nd half - Drags too much. Impractical, confusing, confusing sequence, no connecting the dots, bore.

Watch it for - 1st half & great act by Shahrukh.

Anushka Sharma - Too much exaggerated acting, difficult to watch.

Katrina - Does add punch, gives reliving to watch after hardship of watching Anushka,

Climax - Boring & flat.

Verdict - Save your money unless you are a die hard SRK fan or walk out after 1st half.