Diwali festivities - Day 1 - Vagh Baras

This day (4th Nov 2018) Marks the Day 1 of Diwali festivities.

The word Vaak is mispronounced as Vagh. This day is celebrated for following 3 reasons

1. Cow & Calves pooja

On this day, people wake up early, get fresh, wear new clothes & go to worship mother cow and its calves.

Mother cow is the holder of 33 lac dev/devis in it.

On this day, devotees visit Gau shala, apply vermilion on the forehead of cow & calves, garland them with flower mala, do pradakshina of cow & calves & perform aarti in front of them. They feast them with grass, chapati and jaggery.

This makes mother cow happy & a collective blessings of 33 lac dev/devis is received by the devotee.

Doing this also blesses a person with good relationships, growth & positive energy..

Lord Krishna is also worshiped during this day because of his affiliation with cows.

On this day, lord Sun is also worshiped through jal arapan. It is believed that today, the sun throws divine rays. Cows have ability to absorb these rays at maximum and worshiping them will bless the devotee with these divine rays.

Mother cow also represents goddess Lakshmi & it is believed that applying cow dung before your home attracts positive vibes.

2. Saraswati pooja

Today many people perform Saraswati poojan.

Donation towards education is done today, books & notebooks are gifted to each other,

Vaak means 'Vani'. In order to have ability to speak well in front of others, worshiping Goddess Saraswati is very important.

Mind power & knowledge of person can be enhanced many folds by worshiping mother Saraswati today.

Houses are lit up with Diyas and Lights in the night inviting goddess Saraswati to home.

3. Debt clearance

This day marks debt clearance.

Any outstanding balance need to be cleared by today.

The accounting ledger is closed and no further transactions take place till labh pancham which is the 5th day after Diwali.