Make Diwali Big !!!

Each & Every citizen of this country who celebrates Diwali must make this fabulous festival big & grand, wherever you are (in India or abroad, in city or villages).

Make it such that every citizen of the world notices it & acknowledges it, after all its Diwali, our most primary festival of India.

How do you make it big in your way :-

1. Start your preps & celebrations before 20 days (immediately after Dussera)

2. Visit shops, complexes, plazas, malls and scan through new products. A good number of footfalls will encourage traders.

3. Junk old items & buy fresh Diyas, Candles, Torans, Kandils, Agarbatis, Rangoli stickers, Rangoli colors, Shubh Labh Om Swastik stickers. This will give good amount of boost to rural industry & street vendors.

4. Buy fancy Diyas, Mist device, essential oils from malls, hyper markets.

5. Start buying beautiful sweet boxes, fancy chocolate boxes, hampers during these 20 days & start relishing it.

6. Buy garments & give it to stitch to tailors, at least one pair.

7. Buy ready made garments from various dress shops.

8. Visit Diwali exhibitions in your suburbs or larger exhibitions, events in town.

9. Clean your house, paint it if required.

10. Prepare sweets, mixture at your home as well.

11. Buy fresh set of Laxmi Ganesh idols, in silver. or in other creative form.

12. Buy fancy lights, decorative items. Book an electrician to help you with fitting.

13. Make sure you definitely light up & decorate your shop & offices without fail. Never keep it dull. This is the most important aspect of Diwali.

14. Each & every residence must start the actual celebrations from Vaak Baras and continue till Bhai dooj.

15. Buy Jewelry, Gems & ornaments.

16. Visit temples without fail. Perform Puja.

17. Ask Pandit to come home and perform Puja.

18. Watch the Diwali special Bollywood movie

19. Ensure you watch special shows on TV pertaining to Diwali

20. Buy a Diwali bumper draw lottery ticket.

21. Do share trading on Diwali day.

22. Wear colorful Kurtas during the Diwali week.

23. Donate during Diwali. Give bonuses generously.

24. Recite/Play Laxmi aarti during Diwali week. Pray to the great Vardhaman Mahavir, Swami, Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Lord Ram. Lord Vishnu, Lord Kuber & Lord Indra.

25. Buy Greeting cards, share wishes on social media.

26. Give Diwali gift to your family members. Play cards on Diwali night.

27. Decorate your house with Divas (not just one) but numerous ones.

28. Last but not the least, burst crackers (responsibly & with care). Diwali without crackers is not Diwali. Ensure no animal or bird is inconvenienced.

Everyone must do all the activities in the above list upto their maximum capabilities but ensure you do each of them to truly enjoy & experience this festival & make this festival large & popular throughout the world.

Let everyone know, this is Diwali, the biggest festival of our country.