Baazaar review - 3.5/5

Theme - A rich diamond trader turned investor manipulates stock prices by either getting insider information or setting up a game plan to make a stock fall through political & media connections. A small town stock broker with big ambitions in Mumbai is a made pawn in the big game.

Actors -

Saif Ali Khan - As Shakun Kothari, the rich investor

Rohan Mehra - As Rizwan Ahmad, the small town stock broker

Chitrangada Singh - As Shakun's trophy wife

Radhika Apte - As Priya Rai, helps Shakun in making Rohan as pawn in big game.


Stock market as a theme in itself is new & attractive. Movies with stories around money, power & fame always find fans.

Introduction is good with Saif's entry into a religious gathering.

Saif Ali Khan as a stock investor does justice to the role of a Gujarati business man. Career turning moment for Saif, will be remembered for this role.

Movie captures the modern Mumbai very well - Skycrapers, Queen's necklace view, South Bombay life style.

Dialogues & punch lines are below average. Unnecessary songs break the rhythm.

Radhika Apte's acting is ok. Chitrangha Singh's presence is good.

Climax appeared to be bit quick and impractical.

Yet the movie provides a great eye opener about how stocks prices are manipulated, how insider information is obtained & how only a certain number of people benefit tremendously through stock markets.