LoveYatri review - 3/5

Actors -

  • Aayush Sharma (Salman's brother in law),

  • Warina Hussain, Kabul based model.

Theme -

Typical 90's types. Middle class Baroda boy, London based rich NRI girl fall in love in Baroda during Navratri. Father of the girl acts as villain. Boy's uncle plays love guru.

Review -

Muvi starts with a nice foot tapping garba song ("Rangtaari") which introduces Aayush who dances well on it.

Intro also captures the essence of the vibrant culture in tier 2 city of Baroda.

However, at the very beginning, there is a big miss of garba music in the background. The extra effects due to garba music would have added great punch to the actor's presence. Navratri moments are captured well but could have been more, would have also added value to the film.

One scene is very boring & draggy where in Aayush's uncle Ram Kapoor lectures on feelings when someone falls in love.

Ethnic costumes wore are very good & worth watching.

The muvi then takes you to London & ends with the song, Chogada tara which is worth watching on big screen.

Actor review -

Aayush looks good, needs mild improvement in acting. He can very well win hearts of young crowd.

Warina with green colored eyes looks good when smiling but needs serious improvement is acting & dialogue delivery. Looks good when she is smiling.

My Take -

In case you are high Navratri garba fever, then this is a definite watch. For other's no harm watching once.

Production House -

Salman Khan Films