5 ways to get your crush to text back!

Texting isn't an easy game anymore. If you don't send a well rounded text then get prepared for being ghosted. Here are some ways you get your crush to text you back!

1. Tell her about how you watched a movie and a character reminded you of her. This way she will appreciate you noticing little things about her,

2. Ask her to suggest a new online show. Conversations can get really interesting while discussing shows.

3. Ask her about her favorite restaurant in town. Ask genuinely and she will feel special.

4. Discuss about your favorite music artists and exchange songs that you both love. This will help her get to know you, as the kind of music a person listens to, says a lot about him.

5. This one is for the bibliophiles. Ask her about her favorite book and whether you can borrow it or not. This way you can meet and discuss the book as well.

Whatever style you may use to get your crush to text back, just make sure you are genuine and kind.

Movies, Reality shows, Music artist & song, Books & Restaurants are the most catchy topics to incite a person to respond back !!