Local Trains or death traps?

In five months, there have already been 156 mishaps. WR identified that there has been 156 accidents and and 41 casualties that took place on the suburban network. Here is the list of the stations where major casualties have taken place and the reasons behind it-

Lower Parel- Prabhadevi: accidents due to FOB's pillars being too close to the tracks. (32)

Dadar- accidents due to platforms abruptly ending between tracks. (14)

Khar, Santacruz- Heavy trespassing (8)

Andheri- No connectivity between platform 8-9 with the rest of the station, forcing passengers to cross tracks. (14)

Jogeshwari- Narrow staircase and short boundary walls. (22)

Kandivali- Unstable platform no. 4. (18)

Borivali- Banyan tree on platform 4-5. (11)