Let your inner child live!

"Stop watching those cartoons now" "Act your age" "Stop being so immature"" You're too old for this" "GROW UP!" These are some sentences which I'm sure every one of us have heard not once, but many times. Often we are taught to become adults by repressing our inner child. But is this really what being an adult is?

Adulthood is not about stifling our inner child, it's about learning how to parent it. Yes, showing maturity in certain circumstances is necessary; but it shouldn't be done at the expense of killing our inner child.

As we 'grow up', we stop listening to the inner child and thus anger, depression, ego, heated arguments, stress are the repercussions we have to face.

So instead of suffocating the inner child with wires, why not let it breathe? Why not jump in the puddle or sit on a swing? Why not play gully cricket again and fight for who gets to bat first or watch Shinchan?

This child inside us represents our innocence, happiness, awe and thus it becomes very important to nurture it. You see keeping our inner child alive is extremely important because the day you let the child inside you die, is the day you turn into a living corpse.