The perfect night out

‘Mumbai- A city that never sleeps’; this is a phrase I had been hearing ever since I was a child. But I never really got to experience it up until I turned eighteen. The expectations from Mumbai were extremely high, thanks to Bollywood. So with one car and five very excited friends we started our first ever night out.

One would expect clear roads at 1 am anywhere else; but not in Mumbai. You’d be surprised at how many vehicles can be seen even after midnight. We reached the ‘toll naka’ for Bandra-Worli sea link and our first adventure for the night began. With windows rolled down, speedometer reading a 100, roads smoother than butter and view of the sea.

We took our empty tummies to Bachelorr’s (, probably the only place which will be open to cater to your midnight cravings at 3 am. Even at 3, that place is overflowing with all kinds of people; families, friends, couples, all waiting for to fill up their tummies. After filling our tummies, we headed to Marine drive, the place we were most excited about. (thanks Wake Up Sid)

We had been to Marine Drive before but never at night. Right from the moment we sat on the concrete pathway, we were in awe. The golden queen’s necklace shining in its glory, the cold, crisp air brushing our sleep away, the magical sound of water ringing in our ears and the breath taking view of Mumbai, all these things were suffice enough to keep a group of five chatty gujjus quiet. None of us were talking and yet we had a smile on our faces. A smile of content, a smile of knowing that this cannot be experienced anywhere other than Mumbai.

The things we did on the night out weren’t extraordinary, they were clichéd. But when the clichés are so beautiful, what’s the harm in doing them? I can write a million other things about that night, but the thing is, it should be experienced and not read.