Paryushan & its significance

6th September 2018 marks the beginning of the most holy and celebrated festivals of Jains named Paryushan ("coming closer to oneself")

Main goals -

Spiritual cleansing

Perform 'tap' to purify soul

Asking forgiveness from all living beings

Destroying inner enemies like anger, false pride, lust & greed.

During chaturmas (monsoon season) many insects & living organisms grow during this period. Monks avoid travelling during this season to avoid hurting any living being. They stay at one place & provide guidance to followers.

Paryushan is festival that lasts for 8-10 days.

Some Jains fast the entire Paryushan. Green vegetables are avoided and only boiled water is used to drink.

People go for Pratikaman which is sort of a guidance lecture given by monks to forgive others, and to cleanse the soul.

Forgiveness is asked from God as well as from friends and family for anything that might’ve hurt others by saying Micchami Dukkadam.

Its one of the oldest festivals of India. During the time of Vardhaman Mahavir, only Samvatsari (currently 8th day) was considered festival day, later 7 days were added by monks.