Get adventurous, hold an iguana, and stay amidst the trees in this beautiful resort

Orsang Resort, located in the Baroda is renovating the way we look at resorts. It is situated in the remote part of Baroda amidst a jungle.

You are greeted with big, luscious trees and fresh air. Depending on the package you select, the staff there will guide you with various activities.

The resort has thrilling rope courses which will test your strength with every step. It has zip line as well which is safe and exciting.

They have an artificial waterfall made, which will wash away all your stress and worries. They have a swimming pool too directly overlooking a beautiful river and valley.

The living spaces are extremely serene. You can live in tree houses, cottages and regular rooms.

That is not all. The resort attracts a variety of species of birds. You can also hold an iguana and play with bunnies.

All in all it is a perfect place to take your family or a large group of friends to rejuvenate.