Today is Kutchi New Year

Also known as Asadhi beej (2nd day of the Hindu month of Asadh).

Marks the onset of monsoons in the region of Kutch.

Locals check the moisture in the atmosphere & predict which crop will do the best during this monsoon.

Kutch is a land of trinity (Sea, Mountains & Desert)

On this day, songs are sung in praise of the land of Kutch & music contests are held.

Kutchi people are known to be very sweet, humble & loving. They have strong business acumen & are very cultural.

They have rich style of dressing. Their traditional food is Bajre ka rotla, Jaggery, onion, green chilli, khichadi, kadi.

Jethalal & his family in Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasma portrays a Kutchi family.