Alone in an emergency

Call 108 - an integrated number for police, ambulance & fire services in India.

Heart Attack

1. Lean against the wall, knees bent, head & shoulder supported.

2. Chew aspirin tablet slowly

3. Do not panic

Severe bleeding

1. Use hand or towel or piece of cloth & apply direct pressure to the wound.

2. Support the injury above the level of heart to reduce flow of blood


1. Vigorously cough by leaning forward to clear the blockage.

2. Keep your fist above your belly button underneath ribs & place another hand on it & pull upward & force the air in and up.

3. The above is known as abdominal thrust.

Broken bones

1. Support the injured limb above & below the joint.

2. Cover the wound with a piece of cloth or hand.

3. Rest your leg above heart level to avoid shock.


1. Immediately cool the burn in running cold water for at least 10 minutes.

2. Do not touch the burn.

3. Loosely cover with sterile dressing.