Kaala Review - 3 out of 5

Watch for - All about Rajni's looks !!

Theme - A politician (Nana Patekar) trying to grab Mumbai's famous slum Dharavi's land, resisted by King of Dharavi, Kaala (Rajni).

Introduction - Rajni's intro is not very grand & impactful. Starts with playing cricket with slum boys & gets bowled.

Emotions - Rajni's emotions are fantastic, very controlled & doesn't drag too much.

Location - Movie captures Dharavi, its life, quite well.

Climax - Bit boring, not very logical.

Length - Very lengthy movie. Can be tolerated only because of Rajni.

Dialogue - Not much.

Humor - Not outstanding except for Rajni neither boring.

Action - Too much computerized, takes away the enjoyment. Rajni doesn't appear menacing in action scenes.

Villain - Above average performance by Nana Patekar, not outstanding.

Heroine - Huma Qureshi, as ex-flame of Rajni. Excellent acting by Rajni's wife in the movie, Selvi displays a sense of understanding Rajni's emotions when he meets his ex-flame.

Final verdict - Watch it once if you are a Rajni fan !!