Socials dance party

Latest trend in Mumbai's night life - The Social parties !!

Consists of the following partner dance forms - Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & Zouk.

Several fitness centers & dance studios are actively teaching the above dance forms & preparing people for socials. .


Originated in Cuba, made popular by US & currently danced all over the world including India.

Consists of 6 steps on 8 beats (1,2,3 pause,5,6,7,pause) - Left foot forward, right foot tap, Left foot brought back & tapped. Then right foot back, left foot tap & right foot bought back.

Males are always known as Leads & females are known as Followers. Partners dance in either open position or close position.

Upper body remains steady while you transfer weight on the step you take.

Different forms of Salsa have emerged. New York style, Los Angeles style, Cuban & Colombian styles.

Other variations of Salsa are also there such as Salsa Suelta & Rueda where couples dance & exchange partners in circles.


Originated in Dominican Republic. This was originally danced by those who wanted to divert mind from the bitter feelings of life events.

Popularized in New York, this dance involves hip movement especially on 4th & 8th beat.

It is also a very sensual form of dance.


This dance form originated in Angola in Africa. Kizomba means 'Party'. Easier than Salsa, Bachata.

Involves close connection between partners, the dance is slow & sensuous.


Means party in French language. Originated in a french colony within Caribbean. island.

Its energetic & sensual partner dance.

Dance has a wave like movement, elongated steps & striking hair movements by the lady.