Mentor for success

Want to overcome dilemmas - Have mentors in life.

Not just one but minimum 3 mentors.

Self awareness is a key factor to success. Mentors help remove blind spots, ignorance & biases.

Your 1st mentor can be a senior or an ex manager or a trusted friend. He must be the one who is brutally honest with you about yourself.

Your 2nd mentor must be a person from younger generation, this is known as reverse mentoring. Helps in

- Staying at the top of latest information

- Mastering social media

- Understand aspirations of Gen Y (born between 1980-2000) & millennials.

Your 3rd mentor must be a seasoned person who helps you in handling issues like middle age crisis, relationship & health. He will also help you manage the below

- Self

- Team

- Peers

- Internal stakeholder

- External stakeholder

Have 2 internal (within your organization) & 1 external mentor.