Summer diseases

Summer is leading to Respiratory & Waterborne disease.

Dehydration can lead to Cortical Venous Sinus Thrombosis - blood clot in brain prevents blood from draining - happening for people in 30s working outside.

Majority cases - Viral fever, redness of eye, cold, sore throat & cough - due to people running into AC after coming in from sun.

Do & Don'ts

1. Avoid going out between 12 to 3

2. Drink water even if not thirsty.

3. Wear light weight, light colored cloths

4. Use goggles, umbrella & hats

5. Avoid alcohol, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks as they dehydrate body.

Several cases of Gastroenteritis - Avoid outside ice, 98% of them contains E-coli bacteria.

Have water with lime, kokum & salt to replenish electrolyte levels.