What is Akshay Tritiya

Akshay means eternal, immortal, indestructible

You can purchase new house, land, jewelry, stock on this day. New relationships & New businesses can also be begun on this day.

Sun & Moon are at its exalted position & radiant best. Even Venus is at its exaltation point.

Reasoning behind this day:-

1. The 1st Thirthankar of Jains, Lord Rishabnatha ended his 1 year of fasting by consuming sugarcane juice.

2 . Lord Sun gifted Pandavas who were in exile with Akshay patra, a pot with never ending supply of food.

2. Another version - A sage visited Draupadi & she did not have food, she prayed to Krishna who ate one grain that was left in a pot & the whole universe was satiated including the sage. This pot then came to be known as Akshay patra.

2. Sudama visited Lord Krishna after a long time & gifted him with rice packed in cloth. A delighted Krishna gifted him with all riches

3. Lord Kuber prayed to Lord Lakshmi on this day and was granted the post of treasurer of deities & banker of heaven.

4. Sage Parshuram, the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu & Goddess Annapurna was born on this day.

5. Ved Vyas started reciting the great epic Mahabharata in front of Lord Ganesh.

6. The holy river Ganga descended on earth from heaven on this day.

What to do on this day> - Perform Lakshmi Kuber Puja.

Jain people who perform year long alternate day fasting (Varshi tap) break it on this day by consuming sugarcane juice.

Mahurat Timings - 06:07 am to 12:26 pm (18th April 2018).