Annoying things people do on Social Media

1. Filtered photos e.g. with dog ears & nose, can get tiresome for others

2. Gym photos - Keep it private, don't shame those who are happy lying on the couch.

3. Cryptic updates e.g. 'worst day ever'. When you ask what's wrong the response is that 'I don't want to talk about it'.

4. Overly loving post - loving statuses, sharing comments & photos - They clog news feed & are most annoying. Keep it private.

5. Baby spam - posting every update - from their sleeping pattern, eating habits, walking progress - Best keep it to yourself others don't want to see

6. Asking obvious questions e.g. what is the weather going to be, when will shop open. Go Google it & stop annoying!

7. Posting photos of meals - It a cliche and will be joked about so stop posting it.

8. Sending game request - candy crush and farmville. People just don't want it.