What is plastic?

Produced from crude oil, drilled from earth & ocean floor.

Millions of years ago remains of plant and animal bodies decomposed & under intense pressure & high temperatures under earth they transformed into oil.

Hence oil is also called fossil fuel. This oil contains hydrocarbons.

This oil is refined and produces diesel, heating oil, petrol & various type of plastic as below:-

  1. PET or PETE - Polyethylene terephthalate - used for mineral water, soda.

  2. HDPE = High density Polyethylene - used for shopping bags

  3. Polystyrene - used for plastic plates, spoons, cups.

  4. Polypropylene - used for syringes

  5. PVC - Polyvinyl chloride - popular in pipes & plumbing as they are cheaper than metal pips & more durable.

  6. Teflon, Nylon, Polyester are also other types of plastics.

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