Mumbai 2018 Spring Summer handbag style

Giordano (popular for their watches) presents the trending handbag styles for this summer.

Affordable price (2.5k to 3k), design & quality on par with high end brands

- 'Cher' Tote & 'Bosslady' Tote collection - In pastel colors (Beige, Tan, Purple) Carry it for casual brunch.

- 'Carry It' Tote collection - color blocking scheme (blocks of solid colors in one ensemble) - See image 1

- 'High Living' Satchel collection - Superior quality, for classy occasions.

- 'Looker' Satchel collection - For everyday use - See image 2

- 'Dainty, Wink & PlayMe' Hobo collecton - uber cool for vacations

Know handbag types

- Tote - large handbag

- Hobo - shoulder bag that forms a crescent

- Satchel - cross bag

- Sling - worn over one shoulder

- Clutch - held in hand, no strap

Colorblock Tote

Looker Satchel