International Jain Flag Day - 22nd March

Celebrated today to commemorate the birth ànniversary of 1st Jain Thirthankar Sri Rishabhnathji. This is celebrated by all Jain sects - Swetambar & Digambar.

Jain flag - rectangular, 3×2. Has 5 bands - red, yellow, white, green, dark blue. White is twice the width of other colors. 

White band has swastik, three dots above it, crescent & dot above it. 

White - All 24 Thirthankars

Red - souls who have attained moksha

Yellow - Acharyas

Green - Teachers of acharyas (Upadhyas)

Dark blue - Muni maharaj

Swastik - represents four gatis of life

 - Life as Human on earth, 

 - Devlok - life of dev/devis in heaven, 

 - Life as insect/animal/plant life,

 - Life in hell

One must have right faith, right knowledge & right conduct (3 dots above swastik) to get rid of cycles of 4 gatis & attain supreme bliss (moksha) - crescent & dot above - the final fruit.