Padmaavat Review (3.5 out of 5)

The movie, set in 13th century, is about the menacing, lusty & cunning Allaudin Khilji's (Sultan - e - Hind from Delhi) attempts to catch a glimpse of Chittor's Rani Padmavati, the beautiful second wife of Rajput king, Raja Ratan Singh. The film clearly presents the great values and valour of Rajputs but it seems it is trying too hard for this. The film completely belongs to Ranveer Singh for superbly playing the role of Alauddin Khilji, while Deepika Padukone playing Rani Padmavati is equally stunning. Shahid Kapoor as Raja Ratan Singh was very average with tight expressions & ordinary dialogue delivery & his chemistry with Deepika is just ok. Ranveer Singh definitely keeps you in hook to the movie right from beginning with his scary & threatening looks, dark humor & his never say die attitude. This combined with his mad passion to conquest 'nayab' (rare & beautiful) things is great to watch. The story begins with scene from Afghanistan & marks the entry of Ranveer Singh with an ostrich. The film shows the dark side of Delhi Sultanate while it also shows the rich culture of Rajputs. The movie does slip at some point, like in the last scenes, wherein the battlefield the armies are ready at each side to battle but suddenly Raja Ratan Singh decides to go forward all alone (& expects Allaudin Khilji) to also come forward all alone. Though this happens & both kings battle, Ratan Singh dies after being cunningly hit by arrow, however after this there is no further defense battle displayed by Rajput army & Sultanate army is seen taking over the fort. The dialogues are just ok except the one by Ranveer Singh which is "Allah ki banayi har nayab cheez par sirf Allaudin ka haq hey". The movie can definitely be watched once as it will take you to the 13th century era of dominating Delhi Sultanate and hardships faced by Rajput kingdoms. The no nonsense & dynamic attutude by Deepika is also likeable.