Maghi Ganpati

Today is Maghi Ganpati or Til Kund Chaturthi which marks the birth of beloved lord Ganesha. Magh is the name of the month in Hindu calendar that usually falls in Jan-Feb. Many devotees consider the Ganesh Chaturthi that falls in Aug-Sep as the birth of Ganesha. Devotees take bath by applying paste of sesame seeds, eat food prepared from Til (Sesame seeds). On this day many observe fast as well. Moon sighting is not considered auspicious during this day. Devotees flock to Mayureshwar temple in Pune, take part in palkhi yatra. This temple is also the 1st in Ashtavinayaka yatra. Public pandals are set up and streets are brightly lit. The festivity lasts for 1.5 days or 3 or 5 or 7 or 10 days post which the idols are immersed. Individual household also installs Ganesha idol for a minimum of 1.5 days. This festival is very much similar to the Ganesh Chaturthi that happens in Aug-Sep however the scale is limited.