February 24, 2019

Meaning - Officially cancel or withdraw a promise of decree

Example - Committee has decided to revoke its decision & turn back

March 30, 2018

Produced from crude oil, drilled from earth & ocean floor.

Millions of years ago remains of plant and animal bodies decomposed & under intense pressure & high temperatures under earth they transformed into oil.

Hence oil is also called fossil fuel. This oil contains hydrocarbons. 

This oil is refined and produces diesel, heating oil, petrol & various type of plastic as below:-

  1. PET or PETE - Polyethylene terephthalate -  used for mineral water, soda.

  2. HDPE = High density Polyethylene - used for shopping bags

  3. Polystyrene - used for plastic plates, spoons, cups.

  4. Polypropylene - used for syringes 

  5. PVC - Polyvinyl chloride - popular in pipes & plumbing as they are cheaper than metal pips & more durable. 


March 18, 2018

Its good to know the following management lingo to be able to survive during a business speak

1. Disruptive - A technology that displaces another

2. Revert - reversing

3. Game changing - unique, never-before

4. Leverage - use

5. Actionable - List of items to be executed

6. Scalable - Expandable

7. Algorithm - code

8. Traction - number of users on your platform or service.

9. Sustainable - surviving

10. Networking - Event for collaboration between buyers and sellers.

11. Renewable - To make your business look eco-friendly.

12. Rightsizing - Cutting a firm to right size

13. Incentivise - motivating employees with incentives

14. Mindshare - Consumer awareness about a product

15 .Indications are that - Business analyst's way of reporting to wash his hand away...

February 17, 2018

Letter of Understanding -

  • Bank guarantee that allows a customer to raise money from another Indian bank's foreign branch.

  • Applicable in India in business agreements involving buyer and seller in which bank is obliged to pay to buyer in case the seller (bank's customer) has not delivered the product/services or performance as promised. 

  • To obtain LoU, a customer is supposed to pay margin amount to bank.

  • The bank must also sanction credit limit for the customer.

  • The bank will enter into a pledge agreement with the customer & accept liquid assets like cash at bank, stocks & bonds. 


  • Society of worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication. Its a messaging system that transmits financial information be...

February 8, 2018

A chemical extracted from the leaves of a plant, it is widely used as dye to color denims as it imparts a brilliant blue hue to fabric. Naturally produced from leaves of a plant. Its unique because it imparts surface color while only partially penetrating fibers. As per Roman term, Indigo means product of India which was known for its production since the ancient times. These days synthetic indigo dyes are produced which are very hazardous to environment.  

February 3, 2018

The lenses of these sunglasses are coated with chemical film that helps in filtering & reducing the intensity of glare reflected from surfaces hit by sun or directly from sun. This helps reduce effects of harmful UV rays. Initially used by boaters and fishermen, these are now used by several for outdoor recreational activities like sports & driving as well as by golfers, cyclist, joggers. Not recommended while using LED and LCD screens like mobile phone, GPS as it limits its visibility.  This was invented in 1929 by the founder of Polaroid corporations.  

January 16, 2018

Also known as Kharbuja in Hindi. A summer fruit, helps you stay hydrated, regulates BP, boosts immune system, good for vision, hair & skin.  

January 6, 2018

Total of Floor space of each flat in an apartment divided by Total plot size. E.g. If there are 48 flats each with a carpet area of 400 sq. ft in a 6 storey apartment then total floor space is 48*400 = 19,200. If the plot area is also 19,200 sq. ft. then the FSI is 1.  In Mumbai Island city (Colaba to Mahim), the FSI allowed is 1.33 while for Mumbai suburbs (Bandra to Dahisar & Kurla to Mulund) the FSI allowed is 1.

December 16, 2017

Axis of the Earth is tilted by 23.5 degrees due to which there exists different seasons. Moreover Earth revolves around the Sun in elliptical axis. 

Winter Solstice happens on 21st Dec when rays of Sun are less on northern hemisphere & hence longer nights & shorter days. Reverse for southern hemisphere. 24 hours of darkness at Arctic circle & 24 hours of sunlight at Antarctic circle.  

Summer Solstice happens on 21st June when rays of Sun are are on norther hemisphere & hence longer days & shorter nights. Reverse for southern hemisphere. 24 hours of sunlight at Arctic circle & 24 hours of darkness at Antarctic circle.

Spring equinox happens on 21st March in northern hemisphere & it is autumn equinox in southern hemisp...

December 15, 2017

Cake - Mixture of flour, ghee or oil, sugar & leavening agent. Cake is baked.

Pastry - Mixture of wheat flour, butter, sugar & subjected to baking.  

Pie - A shallow container is lined with pastry & the container is filled with a sweet mixture. Pie is baked. 

Apple Pie - Very popular & symbol of traditional American home cooking. 

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