August 4, 2019

A 2 year event, started on 1st Aug 2019 with Ashes series.

Participating Teams - India, England, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. 

Each team to play 6 other nations (3 home series & 3 away series) in either 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 Test match series.

Any matches against teams (Ireland, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe) who are outside of the above 9 teams will not be considered a part of WTC.

72 Test matches across 27 bilateral series will be played as part of this WTC with final to be played at Lord's in June 2021. 

As part of this initiative, players will sport number & name behind their white jerseys as part of ICC program to connect with fans.

July 29, 2019

Use vertical bar i.e. ! for or search. e.g. Jacket ! Blazer ! Cardigan

Use two periods between two numbers to get result in those range. e.g. "top songs 1980..1990"

Use quotes to get exact search result e.g. "Jofra Archer Super Over"

Use dash or hyphen to exclude a term from search result e.g. raptors -toronto -nba -basketball Here raptors is a Toronto based basketball team as well as bird. So excluding these words will give you search result for raptor the bird.

Add a ~ symbol before a word to get its synonyms in the result. e.g. "basketball ~lessons"

To search for a specific keyword within a site use site specific search e.g. " CWC 2019"

June 24, 2019

1. Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

22 km bridge connecting Sewri to Panvel in 25 minutes instead of 2 hours today. Sewri to see increased impact in real estate. Completion date - End of 2023. This bridge will further connect Bandra Worli Sea Link through a 4.5 km bridge. 

2. Coastal Road

29.9 km road between South Mumbai and Kandivali. To reduce travel time by 70%. Nariman point to Bandra stretch to complete by 2022. Real estate of Bandra, Worli and Kandivali to see a rise.

3. Metro

Line 2A - Dahisar to DN Nagar; Line 7 - Dahisar East to Andheri East; Line 3 - SEEPZ to BKC

These will complete by 2021.

Wadala Ghatkopar Mulund Thane to Kasarvadavali - expected to complete by 2024.


June 13, 2019

National average of dining out is 6.6 times per month (includes dining in restaurant, grab food on the go or get a meal delivered)

Singapore is 30 times, Bangkok is 45 times & Shanghai is 60 times in a month.

Mumbai numbers at 4.2 while Delhi is at 6 times per month.

Mumbai prefers South Indian food over North Indian food.

Delhi prefers North Indian food during dining. Its more than 50% of times.

Among International cuisines, Mumbai prefers Italian (33%) & Chinese (29%).

Bengaluru prefers North Indian food & Biryani over South Indian food while dining out.

On average, India spends 2500 per month, Mumbai spends 2890 while Delhi spends 1381 per month.

Nationally, Sundays continue to be the preferred day followed by Wednesday

Overall food preferences w...

June 12, 2019

Likely to start in October 2019. 

Will connect Mandwa, Thane & Belapur with South Mumbai in 30 minutes.

Will also connect Airoli, Nerul, Vashi, JNPT, Karanja, Kanhojee Angre & Panvel airport with South Mumbai.

The cost for one way travel will be around 550 rupees as these will be treated like Taxis. 

Currently it takes 1.5 hours between Belapur and Fort by road taxi.

Cost of one speed boat is 7 crores. 5 speed boats are being procured. 

RoRo services (Roll on Roll off) - A passenger ship which can carry cars & buses in them will also be starting soon.

This will currently start between Alibaug and South Mumbai & cut the travel time to just 45 minutes thus reducing fuel on the road.

This will also connect Nerul, Panvel airport & Belapur Jetties with...

June 8, 2019

Here is the simple procedure & all you wanted to know about applying for UK VISA this Cricket World Cup season.

Step 1:

Fill application form. Visit

Step 2:

Click "Apply Now" button "Apply from outside the UK online

Step 3:

After few questions application will ask you to register your email ID and create a password for your application

Step 4:

Choose "Standard Visitor Visa" which has a validity of 6 months if you are planning to visit UK for World Cup.

Step 5:

Fill application form & submit.

Step 6

You will be directed to payment screen. Pay 8990 VISA fee.

Step 7:

The next screen will request you to download a check list document. Do that.

Step 8:

An email will come to you with a link to VFS global site to boo...

May 25, 2019

A rage in Mumbai these days especially in Social nights, Kizomba is a dance & music form which originated in Angola in Africa.

Its a close hold partner dance, slow & sensual. The music has a romantic flow. 

It usually takes 4 classes of 2 hours each to learn this form of dance.

The workshops and classes are usually held in Bandra during weekends by leading Kizomba experts.

There are also Kizomba festivals held across the world to celebrate this dance form.

Following are 3 basic steps for an idea. 

Basic 1 - In place tap (left & right) - 8 times

Basic 2 - Side ways (left foot to the side joined by right foot & vice versa)

Basic 3 - Left foot forward, right foot forward and join

May 25, 2019

Major reason for the cause of fire at homes or commercial complex is due to short circuit in air conditioners.

What is short circuit - When two wires from power source get connected directly or if there is a lack of resistance within the circuit of electrical devices, it leads to extreme heat resulting in explosion & fire. 

Air conditioners are prone to short circuits and the resultant fire catches the wooden furniture, coir mattresses or cotton curtains leading to a massive spread at home or commercial centers. 

To avoid any incidents, follow the below steps

1. Service the air conditioner regularly (once every 6 months).

2. Replace old air conditioners. 

3. Do not overload it, use it judiciously. 

4. Keep the internal component free from wat...

May 17, 2019

We see tall & well built models who fashion but maximum consumers of clothing lines are regular people. Hence it is imperative that a model too is a regular city boy. Keeping this in mind, myself (Kunal Momaya, Mobile - 9769158249), the author of this blog decided to explore fashion & the Mumbai city landscape & merge them to present you #FashionsbyRegular !!! 

Here I present you the exclusive current fashion trends happening in this Megapolis, the City of Dreams, the Mayanagri of India, Mumbai. 

Fashion 1:- White t-shirt with a men's shrug. White t-shirts are quite cool & in demand this summer. Shrugs are the most latest 'over the t-shirt & open' thing these days. 

Fashion 2:- 'Jeans like trousers but not jeans' over t-...

April 26, 2019

Known as Citizen Vigil, is an app by Election Commission of India (ECI) to report any model code of conduct violation by any political party or politician. 

This app allows a user to capture Geo tagged photos or videos for any type of violations & secretly send it to ECI. 

The user can send it anonymously or identify himself through his mobile number. The status of the complaint can be tracked only by logged in user. 

Any type of MCC violations such as illegal money being distributed, hate speech etc. can be reported.

See the complete list of MCC in the link below & stay vigilant especially when your city is close to voting date.

The MCC kicks in as soon as the dates for the elections are announced and continues till the date of result...

April 20, 2019

Great escape spot from city, yet very close to the city. Very ideal for a one day nice picnic ! 

About Elephanta cave

Its an island situated close to Mumbai harbor, consisting of temple cave with rock carvings dedicated to Lord Shiva dating back 500 A.D. These caves were found in 18th century by Portuguese & because they found Elephant statues in it, they named it as Elephanta. The main attraction within the cave is the 20 feet high Trimurti sculpture of Lord Shiva representing Shiva by himself & as lord of dance & lord of yoga.

How to reach Elephanta Cave

Ferry services are available to take you from Mumbai to Elephanta Caves. Go towards the backside of Gate Way of India & you will be able to catch it. .

The charges are INR 200 for...

April 15, 2019

In a fantastic initiative by Mumbai Traffic department, all traffic violation related fines by a user can be tracked through MUM Traffic App.

However. several violators have been caught unaware & have not received any alert on their mobile phones for violation of rules such as breaking signals, not stopping before zebra crossing etc.

Such violations are caught automatically via camera & fine gets accumulated hence it is always better to keep tracking this app to avoid any surprises later. 

Enter vehicle number & last four digits of chassis number (engine number) to log into the app. 

Many have come to know about fine accumulation only when they are caught red-handed by traffic cops. 

Mobile number registered while buying vehicle enables Mum...

April 11, 2019

Healthy skin is the reflection of healthy body and mind.

Health of the skin completely depends on what is consumed.

Skin condition depends on liver & if it does not function properly, the toxins in body affects the skin. 

This leads to premature ageing, wrinkles, brown spots, rashes, acne


For dry skin

1. Use good fat for cooking such as Olive oil, Rice bran oil.

2. Add Omega 3 fats like walnuts for suppleness & moisture.

3. Drink 3 liters of water

4. Drink Vegetable juices, lime water & coconut water.

For oily skin

1. Cut down on sugar

2. Avoid refined carbohydrates

3. Avoid bad fat such as fried, packaged & processed food.

4. Avoid dairy products instead opt for Almond milk

5. Consume high fibre whole grains like jowar, bajra, oats etc.

For sensitive...

April 6, 2019

A Ola driver has been involved in two incidents of conning customers. 

The customers have lost money from their Ola e-wallet.

The customers booked Ola & called the driver. The driver called them back & asked for OTP that customers received through SMS. 

This OTP was received through SMS because the driver re-installed Ola app on his device by feeding customer's mobile number.

Once after getting logged into Ola application, the driver withdrew the funds from Ola Money. 

Note that this OTP is not the 4 digit OTP that Ola sends on the app. 

Hence never share any OTP received through SMS. 

April 6, 2019

There are card cloning devices used at certain stores/petrol pumps/restaurants to steal your debit or credit card information.

Such devices are known as skimmers & used to steal information stored in card's magnetic strip which contain information of card holder's name, card number & expiry date. 

To protect yourself, never reveal your PIN or hide it while typing the same at the store.

In case your card is cloned and used fraudulently, block it immediately & register complain at the cyber police station.

Recently, a card of a customer was cloned at a Petrol pump in South Mumbai. 

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