May 16, 2020

Lock Down is here to stay & it is best to utilise in things which can help you be successful in your future journey.

So presenting, list of top ten business movies that every budding entrepreneur needs to watch for inspiration.

1. Wall Street

2. Wall Street - Money never sleeps

3. The Wolf of Wall Street

4. The Big Short

5. The Social Network

6. Boiler Room

7. Jerry Maguire

8. The Pursuit of Happiness

9. Pirates of Silicon Valley

10. Margin Call

January 26, 2019

Theme - Chronicles the political journey of Balasaheb Thackeray starting from his days as a cartoonist to initiating an organization seeking jobs for local & growing further.

Introduction - Average, could have been more grand. Nawaz as Balasaheb is introduced in Lucknow from where he is taken to court.

Dialogue - Good, all are original dialogues. The court scene between Balasaheb & a lawyer has hilarious dialogues. 

Acting - No doubt, great acting, voice modulation by Nawaz bringing alive a great personality. 

Climax - Ends up well with Balasaheb addressing a huge crowd in his signature style.

Conclusion - Definite watch. Relive history, enjoy old Mumbai. The movie ends with 'To be continued' so watch out for part 2. 

January 12, 2019

Theme - Excellent depiction of challenges faced by Manmohan Singh due to his own party. It was all about PM vs Party. 

Based on 2014 book by Sanjaya Baru (marvelously played by Akshay Khanna in the movie). Sanjaya was media adviser to PM in the PMO. 


Superb, shows actors whose make up made them look like real politicians (e.g. Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal). Movie uses the real names. 


Anupam Kher - Well acted but over did with robotic walk. 

Suzanne Bernert - Good lookalike of Sonia Gandhi. Nice acting & replicates the voice, accent & tone quite well. 


Has several comic moments as well performed by the PM character.

Ahmed Patel is shown as seemingly negative character. 


Anyone who enjo...

December 23, 2018

Theme - A dwarf (SRK) from Meerut who is fan of a famous actress (Katrina) happens to meet a scientist girl (Anushka) on wheelchair, suffering from cerebral palsy. He falls in love with her but runs away on his wedding day to Mumbai to join a dance competition that gives him chance to meet Katrina. 

What happens then is to be watched !!

Intro - Average !! A hilarious dream sequence in which SRK tackles some villains. 

Up to 1st half - Very hilarious, must watch for SRK at his best

2nd half - Drags too much. Impractical, confusing, confusing sequence, no connecting the dots, bore. 

Watch it for - 1st half & great act by Shahrukh.

Anushka Sharma - Too much exaggerated acting, difficult to watch.

Katrina - Does add punch, gives reliving to watch afte...

October 28, 2018

Theme - A rich diamond trader turned investor manipulates stock prices by either getting insider information or setting up a game plan to make a stock fall through political & media connections. A small town stock broker with big ambitions in Mumbai is a made pawn in the big game. 

Actors - 

Saif Ali Khan - As Shakun Kothari, the rich investor

Rohan Mehra - As Rizwan Ahmad, the small town stock broker

Chitrangada Singh - As Shakun's trophy wife

Radhika Apte - As Priya Rai, helps Shakun in making Rohan as pawn in big game. 


Stock market as a theme in itself is new & attractive. Movies with stories around money, power & fame always find fans. 

Introduction is good with Saif's entry into a religious gathering. 

Saif Ali Khan...

October 6, 2018

Actors -


  •          Aayush Sharma (Salman's brother in law),

  •          Warina Hussain, Kabul based model.

Theme -

Typical 90's types. Middle class Baroda boy, London based rich NRI girl fall in love in Baroda during Navratri. Father of the girl acts as villain. Boy's uncle plays love guru. 

Review -

Muvi starts with a nice foot tapping garba song ("Rangtaari") which introduces Aayush who dances well on it.

Intro also captures the essence of the vibrant culture in tier 2 city of Baroda.  

However, at the very beginning, there is a big miss of garba music in the background. The extra effects due to garba music would have added great punch to the actor's presence. Navratri moments are ca...

September 30, 2018

Sui Dhaaga starring Varun Dhawan, Anushka Sharma, directed by Sharat Katariya is already charming the audience.

It is not a typical Bollywood romantic movie and revolves around a couple working their way towards success. 

Varun and Anushka both have absorbed their characters effortlessly and their performance is convincing and genuine. 

The dialogues are realistic and have kept a light humorous tone. 

The only flaws observed are that the movie becomes predictable as it progresses towards in the end, and the ending is again a cliched happy ending. 

All in all, Sui Dhaaga is a brilliant movie and a must watch.

Rating- 3.4/5 stars

June 8, 2018

Watch for - All about Rajni's looks !!

Theme - A politician (Nana Patekar) trying to grab Mumbai's famous slum Dharavi's land, resisted by King of Dharavi, Kaala (Rajni).

Introduction - Rajni's intro is not very grand & impactful. Starts with playing cricket with slum boys & gets bowled.

Emotions - Rajni's emotions are fantastic, very controlled & doesn't drag too much. 

Location - Movie captures Dharavi, its life, quite well.

Climax - Bit boring, not very logical.   

Length - Very lengthy movie. Can be tolerated only because of Rajni.

Dialogue - Not much.

Humor - Not outstanding except for Rajni neither boring.

Action -  Too much computerized, takes away the enjoyment. Rajni doesn't appear menacing in action scenes.

Villain -...

January 28, 2018

The movie, set in 13th century, is about the  menacing, lusty & cunning Allaudin Khilji's (Sultan - e - Hind from Delhi) attempts to catch a glimpse of Chittor's Rani Padmavati, the beautiful second wife of Rajput king, Raja Ratan Singh. The film clearly presents the great values and valour of Rajputs but it seems it is trying too hard for this. The film completely belongs to Ranveer Singh for superbly playing the role of Alauddin Khilji, while Deepika Padukone playing Rani Padmavati is equally stunning. Shahid Kapoor as Raja Ratan Singh was very average with tight expressions & ordinary dialogue delivery & his chemistry with Deepika is just ok. Ranveer Singh definitely keeps you in hook to the movie right from beginning with his scary & th...

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