August 29, 2019

Jainism is an ancient religion originated in India with no confirmed start date as it is considered eternal with no start point & will have no end point. However, it was Lord Mahavir, who reformed the traditions & brought a formal structure to the religion. He was born in the year 600 BC & is considered the most influential amongst the 24 Thirthankars (Jain Gods).  The first amongst 24 Thirthankars was Rushabdev (also known as Adinath), thought to have existed 85,000 years back. Lord Mahavir was the 24th & last Thirthankars & was preceded by the 23rd Thirthankar i.e. Lord Parshwanath.

All 24 Thirthankars are conquerors of Karma & Passions. They destroyed their inner enemies like anger, pride, deception & greed. They are free...

August 8, 2019

There are 4 existences that a soul gets transferred to - Human being, Heavenly being (Dev/Devis), Tiryanch being (Bird, Animal, Plant etc.) & Infernal being (Hell).


Only human form enables a soul attain Mokha - Salvation from repetitive cycle of birth & death.


There is a long queue before a soul attains human form hence it is advised to either work towards building Good Karma or renounce worldly pleasure & take path towards Mokha.


Building of Good Karma ensures that a soul can quickly get human form after this life & with all necessary comforts so that he can continue working towards its goal of attaining salvation. 


Working towards salvation means ensuring lesser & lesser Karma accumulation either good or bad. &...

March 29, 2018

Birth Anniversary of 24th Jain Thirthankar Vardhaman Mahavir. 

Born - 2617 years back (599 BC)

Place of birth - Vaishali, Bihar - 2.5 hours from Patna. 

Parent name - King Siddharth & Queen Trishaladevi.

Birth Name - Vardhaman (meaning - The one who grows)

As a prince, he was quiet, brave and fearless.

Spouse name - Yashoda

Daughter name - Priyadarshana

At 30, decided to renounce worldly pleasure & luxuries of life & become saint.

For next 12 years, performed rigorous penance & meditation & attained Keval Gyan at 42 under a tree at the banks of river Rijuvaluka in Bihar.

Keval Gyan means infinite knowledge. Ability to comprehend & visualize past, present & future. Free of emotions & attachments. 

For next 30 years, he preached knowledg...

March 22, 2018

Celebrated today to commemorate the birth ànniversary of 1st Jain Thirthankar Sri Rishabhnathji. This is celebrated by all Jain sects - Swetambar & Digambar.

Jain flag - rectangular, 3×2. Has 5 bands - red, yellow, white, green, dark blue. White is twice the width of other colors. 

White band has swastik, three dots above it, crescent & dot above it. 

White - All 24 Thirthankars

Red - souls who have attained moksha

Yellow - Acharyas

Green - Teachers of acharyas (Upadhyas)

Dark blue - Muni maharaj

Swastik - represents four gatis of life

 - Life as Human on earth, 

 - Devlok - life of dev/devis in heaven, 

 - Life as insect/animal/plant life,

 - Life in hell

One must have right faith, right knowledge & right conduct (3 dots above swastik) to get rid of cy...

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